The Treasure of the Cathedral of Messina

Welcome to the official site of the Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral of Messina. Created for the 2000 Jubilee, the museum exhibits a very precious collection, known as the Cathedral  Treasure. The works of art displayed were mostly created by Messina’s goldsmiths and silversmiths. In centuries past they were the liturgical furnishings of the Cathedral and they reveal the city’s devotion to its patron Saint, the Madonna of the Letter.

The museum is located in the south hall of the Cathedral. In the charming atmosphere of a starry sky, created with the ceiling lights of the exhibition rooms, about 400 works are on display. They can be dated from 10th to 20th century.

In the hall of the museum there is a beautiful Neapolitan crib, made in the typical 17th century style. The representation of the Nativity is set in everyday life, offering glimpses of Neapolitan life of the 18th century.

Museum tour:

The museum is divided into 4 rooms, on two floors.